ASTM WK37776

    Revision of F2669 - 09 Standard Performance Specification for Protective Clothing Worn by Operators Applying Pesticides

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    Active Standard: F2669 - 12

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    1. Rationale

    In addition to the changes accepted in the previous ballot the following additional language is proposed for ASTM F 1383. Added language is underlined; deleted language is formatted with strikethrough. Items with underlined and strike-through were accepted in a previous ballot but are now being recommended for deletion. NOTE 1At present, only limited no quantitative information exists about acceptable levels of dermal contact with most chemicals. Therefore, the data obtained using this test method cannot be used to infer safe exposure levels. 5.4.1 The reporting of a standardized breakthrough time greater than a specific time period means that the test chemical has not permeated the specimen at a rate exceeding 0.1 ug/cm2/min in the designated time. Permeation may or may not have occurred at a lower rate during this time interval. 5.4.2 Cumulative permeation represents the mass that permeates through a protective clothing material over a specific period of time for a specific surface area of material. It is possible to use this information to model how much chemical can enter an item of protective clothing for a particular exposure based on a knowledge of the exposed surface area, the free volume inside the protective clothing item, and amount of air mixing or air exchange for the protective clothing item.


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