ASTM WK37731

    New Specification for Installing a Monolithic Specialty PVC Cured-in-Place Lining System Inside Sanitary Sewer Structures and Storm Drains

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    1. Scope

    It is the intent of this standard to provide a standard method/specification for the rehabilitation of existing concrete, brick, block, and steel sanitary sewer structures and storm drains using a specialty monolithic PVC composite system which is cured-in-place.

    It is important to have an ASTM standard for the unique method of lining underground structures, primarily sewer and some storm water structures, with a plastic (PVC) and reinforced structural fiberglass cured-in-place specialty lining method. This method is a necessary component of the long-term health of our national infrastructure and in fact has proven itself to be money well spent by the authorities charged with maintaining it. This process is too often misunderstood and assumed to be similar to topical coatings of the same structures.


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    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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