ASTM WK37322

    Revision of D2513 - 12a Standard Specification for Polyethylene (PE) Gas Pressure Pipe, Tubing, and Fittings

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    Active Standard: D2513 - 14e1

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    1. Rationale

    The scope of this work item is to revise section 4.2 Rework Material. The current rework material section read as follow: Clean rework material of the same commercial designation, generated from the manufacturers own pipe and fitting production shall not be used unless the pipe and fitting produced meet all the requirements of this specification. The use of these rework materials shall be governed by the requirements of 4.3 and PPI TN-30/2006. In pipe, rework materials shall be limited to a maximum of 30% by weight NOTE 1The requirements for rework materials herein are intended to incorporate prudent specifications to ensure that the potential for contamination in gas piping products, that meet this specification, is reduced to the extent possible. It is imperative to emphasize that rework materials have not been identified as the cause of any field failures. The requirements for rework materials were developed by the consensus of interested parties including product manufacturers, gas utility companies, and regulatory agencies Rationale for the revision: There is no industry standard or test method exist to determine the cleanliness, presence of contamination and presence of degraded rework material. The currently employed controls for processing of rework are inadequate and variation in controls are observed from plan to plant. There are reported failures due to contamination. The standard references PPI TN-30/2006 - Requirements for the use of rework materials in polyethylene gas pipe and states that the the use of rework materials shall be governed by the requirements of 4.3 and PPI TN-30/2006. The TN-30 is just a guide and PPI assumes no responsibility for manufacturers not following this guidance document. This is clearly stated in the FORWORD section of this document. The quality of Polyethylene Pipes & Fittings is paramount for safety and integrity of gas distribution systems. There are reported delayed in-service failures due to contamination that lead to dirty source material and contamination. Therefore, the revision is to NO REWORK material shall be allowed in manufacturing of Polyethylene Pipes & Fittings


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