ASTM WK36824

    Revision of D312 - 00(2006) Standard Specification for Asphalt Used in Roofing

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    1. Rationale

    The D08 Executive Committee has requested that standards take in account that our work is on an international scale and needs to include specifications for use in areas outside those found in the United States. D08 has also asked that consideration of requirements used outside the USA be included in product specifications so that the Code Bodies can reference ASTM specifications in their codes. In this connotation and as a result of task group action, we have combined the specifications found in ASTM and CSA into a single table found below. The table will be formatted by ASTM and is included here for discussion and informational purposes.


    asphalt; built-up roof; roofing; softening point;
    Citing ASTM Standards
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