ASTM WK35687

    New Practice for Installation Acceptance of Thermoplastic Non-Pressure Sewer Lines Using a Joint Isolation Test

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    1. Scope

    joint performance of most thermoplastic non-pressure sewer lines are determined by either air or hydrostatic testing on an entire line or reach. This practice will provide the procedures for conducting an acceptance field test for individual joints.

    Installers of thermoplastic pipe will be able to assess the quality of their field connections as they proceed down the pipeline and not have to wait until an entire line or reach is installed to validate the performance of a line. It there is a poor performing joint, it can be immediately repaired without disturbing a completely installed pipeline. This test will also allow for poor performing joint to be easy located after a failed air or hydrostatic test of the entire pipeline. The availability of this test will lower the cost to municipalities associated with testing and field evaluations and repairs.


    Leakage test, joint integrity, gasketed performance.

    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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