ASTM WK35315

    New Specification for Calculating and reporting biobased content of complex products

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    1. Scope

    Biobased plastics and products represent a new, emerging industrial sector. Biobased plastics and products contain in whole or part biogeneic (biological sourced) carbon. The biobased content of the products is the amount of biogenic carbon in the plastic as fraction weight (mass) or percent weight (mass) of the total organic carbon in the plastic (ASTM D6866). In order to transparently and accurately communicate to users, customers and stakeholders about biobased plastics and products, it is important to quantify, and report biobased carbon content. ASTM D6866 provides the test methodology to experimentally determine the biobased (carbon) content of plastics/products. However, the standard provides no guidance on how to handle complex products comprising multiple constitutents and components like a plastic bottle or a computer or even an automobile This Technical Specification provides requirements for calculating and reporting biobased carbon content of complex products using ASTM D6866 as the test method for measuring biboased (carbon) content

    The standard helps define the technical specificactions and guidance on how to calcualte and report biobased carbon content of complex products. It will be used to label and communicate to the stakeholders the percent biobased carbon content of a complex products because of the value propostion biobased carbon offers in terms of material carbon footprint reductions and implementing sustainability principles [see Carbon footprint of bioplastics using biocarbon content analysis and life cycle assessment, MRS (Materials Research Society) Bulletin, Vol 36 Issue 09, pg. 716 721, 2011]


    sustainability, renewable resources,biomass,

    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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