ASTM WK35232

    Revision of E1502 - 10 Standard Guide for Use of Fixed-Point Cells for Reference Temperatures

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    Active Standard: E1502 - 10

    Developed by Subcommittee: E20.07 | Committee E20 | Contact Staff Manager


    1. Rationale

    Several substantive comments were received during a previous ballot action that could not be addressed due to time limitations. This work item is intended to address the issues raised by the comments.


    calibration; cryoscopic constant; fixed point; freeze; freezing curve; freezing plateau; freezing point; freezing range; ITS-90; melt; melting curve; melting plateau; melting point; melting range; precision; qualification; recalescence; reference material reference temperature; resistance thermometer; thermocouple; thermometer; uncertainty; undercool; Calibration--temperature analysis instrumentation; Cryoscopic constant; Freezing point; ITS-90; Qualification testing; Recalescence; Reference materials (RM); Reference temperature; Resistance thermometers; Thermocouples; Thermometers; Undercool
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    Gregory Strouse

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