ASTM WK35194

    Revision of C1193 - 11a Standard Guide for Use of Joint Sealants

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    Active Standard: C1193 - 13

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    1. Rationale

    It has come to the attention of C24 members that some cleaning practices have been found to be occurring in the construction industry that can be detrimental to developing adequate sealant adhesion. Additionally, if a less volatile solvent is used for cleaning of substrates, even with the two-wipe cleaning method there still may be some solvent remaining which will need to flash-off before application of a primer, if needed, or sealant. In general it has been understood in the industry that sealant application should occur promptly after substrate cleaning. However, based on some observed cleaning practices we believe it is important to add text to C1193 that identifies the importance of time related to substrate cleaning and sealant application.


    bond breaker; guide; joint accessories; joint filler; precured sealant, primer; sealant; sealant backing; sealant design; sealant geometry; sealant installation; sealant joint: Building design and construction; Cold-applied sealants; Failure end point--building constructions/materials; Field testing--building materials; Geometric analysis; Joint seal geometry; Joint seals/sealants; Nonsag joint sealants; Self-leveling joint sealants ;
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