ASTM WK35163

    New Classification for Road Tunnel (Underground) Standard

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    1. Scope

    To Build up Standard elements of Road Tunnel based on the built Environment -Heavy Civil Entities. Level 1: Major Group Elements Level 2: Group Elements Level 3 Individual Elements Level 4-6 more to examples and limited details. Thus, the core concept of an element resides at Level 3. However, because elements are major components of a constructed entity, there is often ambiguity of what exactly is included in an Individual Element and what should be rightfully excluded from it. Because sub-elements can be tied into a work breakdown structure, they significantly enhance the usefulness of an elemental classification across all project participants throughout the lifecycle of Tunnels and other constructed entities.

    The Tunnel Standards will be usefull to users who are interested in constructing databases for use in cost analyses associated with project planning, design, construction, maintenance and repair, and condition assessment, alphanumeric designators provide the basis for compiling, organizing, and referencing cost data. Having a common set of alphanumeric designators promotes consistency in use among the key project participants and other stakeholders associated with the design, construction, and use of Tunnels and other constructed entities.


    Tunnels; construction; cost estimation; economic analysis; functional elements; life-cycle cost; risk analysis; standards; UNIFORMAT II; value engineering

    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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