ASTM WK34337

    Withdrawal of D6174 - 01(2006) Standard Test Method for Inorganic Sulfate in Surfactants by Potentiometric Lead Titration

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    This standard is being balloted for withdrawal. This method is a commonly used titration procedure, but because of the very little interest I have found in reviewing other standards this is being balloted for withdrawal to identify the interested parties.In summary, this standard is a titration of inorganic sulfate by precipitation with lead perchlorate and detected with a lead sensitive electrode. I have not reviewed this standard in detail, but I found a few items that indicated it could use a more thorough review.Note 2 (below section 10.2) has a vague reference to acid by pH paper. Is pH 6 low enough, or does it need to go to pH 4, or 3? Or is acid by litmus paper what was meant?The precision table only lists the standard deviations. It should also list the 95% confidence intervals so the readers have a number that they can easily act upon.I have seen other versions of this titration that use a different solvent mixture and use perchloric acid to acidify the sample solution to ~pH 3 or so. Should these alternate procedures be considered?


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