ASTM WK34336

    Withdrawal of D1568 - 05 Standard Test Methods for Sampling and Chemical Analysis of Alkylbenzene Sulfonates

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    Active Standard: D1568 - 05(2014)

    Developed by Subcommittee: D12.12 | Committee D12 | Contact Staff Manager


    This standard is being balloted for withdrawal. I realize alkylbenzene sulfonates are widely used surfactants, however I found little interest within the subcommittee for revising this standard so this ballot will be used to identify the interested parties. There are a number of items that could be updated in this standard.For example: (this is not a complete list) The title and scope of the standard. Is this meant to include neutralized products only or sulfonic acids as well?The water content tests listed are the Karl-Fisher titration and the distillation method. The distillation method is probably not necessary for these products. Also a reference to E203 to provide additional information on Karl-Fisher titrations can be added.The Total Matter Insoluble in Alcohol method does not specify fine/medium/or coarse frit to use for filtering. (This was pointed out to me by a user of the method. I believe I recommended a fine frit because of the small amounts of insoluble material I expected in these products.)The inorganic chloride analysis procedure is a silver titration with a potentiometric endpoint. This analysis may be completed by Ion Chromatography instead. Also, allowance for autotitrators should be added to this procedure.Only two of the procedures have precision references and there are no bias references. This needs to be addressed, at least by an editorial change indicating they have not been performed. The precision statements that are there are somewhat confusing as well and could use rewording.No reference to anionic actives or inorganic sulfates was mentioned, though these are important components of these products. Should we add references to the appropriate other standards? oActives:D1681 two phase CTAB titration with methylene blueD3049 two phase Hyamine 1622 titration with mixed indicatorD4251 potentiometric Hyamine 1622 titration D4711 potentiometric cyclohexylamine titration of sulfonic and sulfuric acidsD6174 potentiometric Hyamine 1622 titration (very similar to D4251)oInorganic SulfateD4711 potentiometric cyclohexylamine titration of sulfonic and sulfuric acidsD6174 potentiometric lead (Pb) titrationIon Chromatography (no standard for surfactants yet)


    alkylbenzene sulfonates; chemical analysis; sampling;
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