ASTM WK34335

    Withdrawal of D6173 - 97(2005) Standard Test Method for Determination of Various Anionic Surfactant Actives by Potentiometric Titration

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    Active Standard: D6173 - 97(2014)

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    This standard is being balloted for withdrawal. This method is a commonly used titration procedure, but because of the very little interest I have found in reviewing other standards this is being balloted for withdrawal to identify the interested parties.In summary, this standard is a titration of a specific set of anionic surfactants with Hyamine 1622 using a potentiometric endpoint. I have never run this version of the titration ever, but thats probably just because Ive only been at one company in this industry. I havent done a very thorough review of this but here are my suggestions for updates.The scope is very specific, but it should specifically exclude the C8 and C10 alcohol sulfates, since they are not quantitatively titrated by Hyamine 1622. A note may be included somewhere that alternate titrants can be used for such anionic surfactants, even if we dont evaluate them here.The Significance and Use section is written in present tense, but it references the state of affairs back in 1997. The wording needs to be updated.The titrant concentration is 0.004 N. The other similar standard D4251 uses 0.04N. Does anyone use this low concentration titration?There are typos in 8.1 and 8.3. The + sign should be +/-. Also in 8.3 it should be +/- 0.05 g, not 0.5g.


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