ASTM WK34334

    Withdrawal of D1681 - 05 Standard Test Method for Synthetic Anionic Active Ingredient in Detergents by Cationic Titration Procedure

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    Active Standard: D1681 - 05(2014)

    Developed by Subcommittee: D12.12 | Committee D12 | Contact Staff Manager


    This standard is being balloted for withdrawal. This method is a commonly used titration procedure, but because of the very little interest I have found in reviewing other standards this is being balloted for withdrawal to identify the interested parties.In summary, this standard includes a lengthy standardization procedure followed by a short and simple sample analysis procedure. Specifically, this is a two phase CTAB (cetrylmethyl ammonium bromide) titration using methyene blue as an indicator. There are some specific items that should be addressed.The scope should address C8 and C10 alcohol sulfate surfactants. With Hyamine 1622 they are not quantitatively titrated, but I dont know of CTAB responds to them.There is at least one section reference mis-matches (in 5.1 says 17-23 and I think it means 18-24). They should all be checked to make sure there wasnt an error during the last revision.The summary (Section 3.1) could be improved to highlight the two parts of the standard, the calibration of the titrant (very lengthyl) and the analysis of samples (short and simple). The title could be more specific. There are many standards for anionic active content and the title should indicate the two phase titration and methylene blue indicator to eliminate confusion.Precision data is listed with 98% confidence intervals. Normally 95% is used. Should we adjust this or add the 95%? Why was 98% chosen in the first place?


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