ASTM WK34333

    Withdrawal of D800 - 05 Standard Test Methods of Chemical Analysis of Industrial Metal Cleaning Compositions

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    Active Standard: D800 - 05(2014)

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    This standard is being balloted for withdrawal. If enough interest is found to retain it then it will be addressed for reapproval. I am not very familiar with this type of formulated product, but there are a number of items I saw in my initial review that could be addressed. For example: (this is not a complete list) There is no reference to the Karl-Fisher titration in the section on water content, I do not know if this is a feasible test for these formulations because of interfering components, but there are oven based methods that transfer water to the Karl-Fisher titration system by evaporation. .The inorganic chloride analysis procedure is a silver titration with a visual endpoint. Many labs are using titrations with potentiometric endpoints or analysis by Ion Chromatography instead.The inorganic sulfate analysis procedure is a gravimetric method with precipitation using Barium Nitrate. Many labs are using the Lead Perchlorate titration D6174 (which may have problems because of co-precipitation of phosphates), or using Ion Chromatography.Phosphate, including the various forms of it (orthophosphate, pyrophosphate, etc..) may be speciated and quantified by Ion Chromatography.Very few of the procedures have precision and accuracy references and this needs to be addressed, at least by an editorial change indicating they have not been performed.


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