ASTM WK34332

    Withdrawal of D5070 - 90(2005) Standard Test Method for Synthetic Quaternary Ammonium Salts in Fabric Softeners by Potentiometric Titrations

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    Active Standard: D5070 - 90(2014)

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    This standard is being balloted for withdrawal. This method is a commonly used titration procedure, but because of the very little interest I have found in reviewing other standards, and the specific problems in this standard, this is being balloted for withdrawal to identify the interested parties and make the necessary changes.In summary, this standard is a titration of fabric softeners with SLS using a potentiometric endpoint. I didnt do a very complete review of this method but I found a number of items that I was very surprised to see. Based on the items below I think we should consider working on this standard over the next year and aim for a better standard in 2012. Does the scope include bulk fabric softener actives or only formulated products?The punctuation and wording in the Summary of Test Method section could use some work, too many commas.Evaluating Ruler. As far as I know, these were only necessary when the titration curve was recorded on a strip chart recorder. I would be very surprised if any laboratory is using these now. Esterquats of TEA are not included in this standard.Precision and Bias: The precision is horrible. According to this method, triplicate values of 80.0, 82.2 and 84.4 wt% are suitable to be averaged to 82.2 wt%. I suspect and hope that is an artifact of the evaluating ruler. I think this precision work should be redone with samples representing the current fabric softener products on the market (also see the above note about the scope).


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