ASTM WK34331

    Withdrawal of D1569 - 05 Standard Test Methods for Detergent Alkylate

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    Active Standard: D1569 - 05(2014)

    Developed by Subcommittee: D12.12 | Committee D12 | Contact Staff Manager


    This standard is being balloted for withdrawal. I realize detergent alkylates are widely used feedstocks for the surfactant industry, however I found little interest within the subcommittee for revising other standards so this ballot will be used to identify the interested parties. This standard is a list of references to other ASTM standards so I dont see that much editing is needed. There are a few items that can be addressed. It may be possible to consolidate D1569 and D4337 into a single standard. If that happens, the chromatograms in D4337 should be updated, they have poor chromatographic resolution and the text identifying peaks is so small it is difficult to read.The title is very similar to that of D4337. I suggest the title of D1569 be changed to something like Standard Test Methods for All Types of Detergent AlkylatesReferences to the tests contained in D4337 should be addedoLinear Detergent Alkylate Composition by Gas ChromatographyoOrganic Chlorides in Linear Detergent AlkylatesoColor: D4337 should be added as an alternate method for Linear Detergent AlkylatesoRefractive Index: Reference to D4337 should be made as it includes specific precision and bias information for linear detergent alkylates.oSpecific Gravity: D4337 references an alternate method D1122 and includes specific precision and biasoWater Content: D4337 references specific precision and bias statements A precision and bias reference to the Sediment test should be added to indicate that precision and bias determinations have not been completed because suitable reference materials are not available.


    chemical analysis; detergent alkylate; physical testing;
    Citing ASTM Standards
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