ASTM WK33442

    Revision of A450 / A450M - 10 Standard Specification for General Requirements for Carbon and Low Alloy Steel Tubes

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    Active Standard: A450 / A450M - 15

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    1. Rationale

    Add reference to the new metric mechanical test methods of A1058, to enable carbon steel tubular product specifications to reference the general requirements specification for either A370 or A1058, depending on whether the US Customary or metric version of the product specification is invoked. As part of this effort, it was deemed desirable to add a section on Ordering Requirements to this General Requirements specification, to provide a locus for the subsection on choice of test track in A1058. The Ordering Information section is modeled after those in A210 and in A961. It is anticipated that if WK33442 is approved, then both the reference to A370 and the Ordering Information section in each product specification referenced in the Scope of A450 will be deleted from those product specifications. This revision also adds the metric equivalent of the dimension, foot, in 8.1 and Table 1; and deletes the word, certified, from the phrase, certified test report, wherever it appears. Finally, this revision deletes Note 2 (a non-mandatory note to the text) of Paragraph 27.1 (new number) and moves the contents of Note 2 to be the last (and now mandatory) sentence in the text of 27.1. This parallels how this requirement is expressed in Paragraph 27.5 (new number). A previous ballot item contained a provision to add minimum wall to this specification. That item received a negative objecting to the average wall provision. That negative was deemed persuasive and the average wall provision has been removed from this ballot item. Finally, as a result of a negative received for this item on MCLB A01 (03-13), paragraph 18.1 has been revised to permit testing to A1058, if SI units are specified in the purchase order; that is if a product is ordered specifying the M version of a product specification,


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    Michael Gold


    A01 (15-02)

    Ballot Item Approved as A450/A450M-2015 and Pending Publication