ASTM WK32941

    New Test Method for Index Test for the Resistance to Initiation of Fast Fracture in Plastic Pipes

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    1. Scope

    A new test method will be developed using commonly available lab equipment to attempt to study the resistance of a plastic pipe to an impact energy delivered by a rapidly moving sharpened impact device on a pipe under pressure. The test will be conducted at room temperature. Different reference pressures will be applied depending on material of construction. A critical crack travel distance that demonstrates significant fast fracture 1*OD 5*OD of the crack in the area of the impact will be established.

    The standard will attempt to generate a test method that is sufficiently easy to practice that a round robin precision and bais statement can be generated to understand the susceptability of pipes of various materials or constructions to this type of failure due to fast fracture. The availablity of a P&B will be a significant benefit to any governmental body looking to specify material performance due to impact factures which is not currently available.


    impact, failure, fracture

    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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