ASTM WK32795

    New Specification for Evaluating the Performance of Electrochromic Devices in Sealed Insulating Glass Units

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    1. Scope

    1.1 This specification is applicable to all electrochromic (EC) glass whose visible light transmission and/or near infra-red light transmission properties can be changed reversibly by the application of an electrical voltage. This includes absorptive and reflective EC devices. 1.2 It does not apply to other types of dynamic glass which do not require an electrical stimulus to change light transmission such as photochromic and thermochromic glazings. 1.3 This specification covers electrochromic devices in preassembled permanently sealed insulating glass units with one or more airspaces in which at least one lite contains an EC device (which may be in the form of a laminated lite or a single pane with coatings applied). EC devices in preassembled insulating glass units with capillary tubes intentionally left open are also covered. 1.4 This specification is applicable only to sealed insulating glass units that are constructed with glass and fabricated for vision glass areas for use in buildings, such as sliding doors, windows, skylights, and exterior wall systems. 1.5 Qualification under this specification is intended to provide a basis for evaluating the durability of electrochromic devices in sealed insulating glass units.

    Currently E2141 is a test method, but it also includes a specification. We need to separate the specification from the test method and add other specifications that cover performance against other test methods and thus create a new document for the specification.


    electrochromic, insulating glass units; Electrochromic durability, seal durability; sealed insulating glass units

    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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