ASTM WK32489

    New Practice for Developing and Performing a Sampling Strategy to Collect Meaningful Data during the Assessment of Fungal Growth in Buildings

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    1. Scope

    The scope of this document will be to provide minimum criteria for formulating the best practice strategy for selecting the proper locations, methods and analysis to collect meaningful data and characterize the situation in support of a hypothesis. The scope will further provide a strategy for data interpretation based on the methodology selected. This document will bridge the gap between the new assessment guide and the sampling and analytical standard methods published and currently in committee.

    There are many guidance documents published by private individuals or organizations promoting a particular practice or strategy. Many have conflicting views or strategies, and most discuss the possible options but not strategy. Further, none of these are consensus documents that reflect minimum standard practice for the discipline. Oftentimes, sampling is performed without truly understanding what the data will mean. It is truly important for practitioners to have a basic starting point that is consistent from person to person and from project to project in order to collect meaningful data, to be able to interpret the data collected and to provide successful corrective actions.


    fungi, fungal, bio-aerosol, sampling, assessment, mold, spore trap, wipe sample, swab sample, tape lift, air sample, NAHA, enzyme activity, spores, hyphae, hyphal fragments

    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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