ASTM WK32430

    Work Item: ASTM WK32430 - Revision of D3612 - 02(2009) Standard Test Method for Analysis of Gases Dissolved in Electrical Insulating Oil by Gas Chromatography

    Active Standard: D3612 - 02(2009)

    Developed by Subcommittee: D27.03 | Committee D27 | Contact Staff Manager

    1. Rationale

    In order to better develop diagnostic guidelines for DGA analysis a clearer understanding of the methods precision and accuracy as well as uncertainty is required by C57.104. A comprehensive study using dissolved gas in oil standards is proposed to achieve this goal.


    capillary columns; combustible gases; dissolved gases; gases; headspace; insulating oil; oil; transformer oil; Dissolved gases; Electrical insulating oils; Gas chromatography (GC)--insulating materials/applications; Gas content;
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