ASTM WK31643

    Work Item: ASTM WK31643 - Revision of C887 - 05(2010) Standard Specification for Packaged, Dry, Combined Materials for Surface Bonding Mortar

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    Active Standard: C887 - 13

    Developed by Subcommittee: C12.06 | Committee C12 | Contact Staff Manager

    1. Rationale

    Some requirements for Surface Bonding Mortar Structures require strength sufficiently high to reduce or inhibit damage from impact damage, explosions or underground mine applications when using conventional construction. For instance, the Mine Safety and Health Administration underground mine explosion resistance test, using presently produced Surface Bonding Mortar complies by using double width concrete blocks or conventional sized blocks stacked in a cris-cross pattern. The use of higher strength cement can assist in this matter by allowing higher strength of the mortar. Higher strength block may need to be specified. As well, walls for safety barriers may be constructed and placed in service faster and potentially offer higher resistance to impact. C 1600 cements can offer faster return to service and higher strengths at similar cement contents when compared to normal setting and hardening cements. Currently the C 887 Standard Specification for Packaged, Dry, Combined materials for Surface Bonding Mortar presently does not include ASTM C 1600 Standard Specification for Rapid Hardening Hydraulic Cement although it does include other ASTM Cement Specifications. The addition of C 1600 to the other ASTM cement types will allow the designer more versatility.


    dry stacked; fiber reinforced; mortar; packaged; surface bonding; Cement mortars--specifications; Masonry mortar--specifications; Mortar--specifications; Surface-bonding mortars;
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