ASTM WK30887

    Revision of B283 - 10 Standard Specification for Copper and Copper-Alloy Die Forgings (Hot-Pressed)

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    1. Rationale

    Addition of two new alloys


    copper and copper alloy die forgings (hot pressed); die forgings (hot pressed); UNS No. C11000; UNS No. C14500; UNS No. C14700; UNS No. C27450; UNS No. C36500; UNS No. C37000; UNS No. C37700; UNS No. C46400; UNS No. C48200; UNS No. C48500; UNS No. C49260; UNS No. C49300; UNS No. C49340; UNS No. C49350; UNS No. C61900; UNS No. C62300; UNS No. C63000; UNS No. C63200; UNS No. C64200; UNS No. C64210; UNS No. C65500; UNS No. C67500; UNS No. C67600; UNS No. C69300; UNS No. C70620; UNS No. C71520; UNS No. C77400; Aluminum bronze castings; Aluminum bronzes--specifications; Aluminum-silicon bronze--specifications; Brass forgings; Bronze--forgings; Copper alloy forgings--specifications; Die forgings--specifications; Hot forging; Muntz metal (leaded); Silicon bronze--specifications; UNS C11000 (electrolytic tough pitch coper (ETP)); UNS C14500 (phosphorus deoxidized copper, tellurium bearing); UNS C14700 (sulfur-bearing copper); UNS C36500 (leaded Muntz metal, uninhibited); UNS C37700 (forging brass); UNS C46400 (naval brass, uninhibited); UNS C48200 (naval brass, medium leaded); UNS C48500 (naval brass, high leaded); UNS C61900 (aluminum bronze); UNS C62300 (aluminum bronze); UNS C70620 (90/10 Cu-Ni welding rod composition); UNS C71520 (70/30 copper-nickel (welding rod composition)); UNS C77400 (nickel silver); UNS C63000 (aluminum bronze); UNS C63200 (aluminum bronze); UNS C64200 (aluminum bronze); UNS C64210 (aluminum-silicon bronze); UNS C65500 (high silicon bronze A); UNS C67500 (manganese bronze A); UNS C67600 (leaded manganese bronze); ICS Number Code 7400; 77.150.30 (Copper products)
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    Theodore Engle

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