ASTM WK30703

    Work Item: ASTM WK30703 - Revision of E814 - 10 Standard Test Method for Fire Tests of Penetration Firestop Systems

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    Active Standard: E814 - 13a

    Developed by Subcommittee: E05.11 | Committee E05 | Contact Staff Manager

    1. Rationale

    Part I As suggested by the members of the E05.11.02 Task Group at the June 2010 meeting, the present ballot aims to make consistent the routing of linear items that create membrane penetrations in the cases represented by Figures 3 and 4. The goal is to eliminate the need for a framed opening at the top of the wall assembly, while still having an arrangement where the penetrating item can be allowed to be routed out to the non-fire side without affecting the results of the test. In a membrane penetration situation, a linear item would not be exiting out the opposite side of the same wall, but rather could be routed for a long distance before emerging through a wall or ceiling membrane elsewhere. Thus, the intention of the test is to measure the effect of a penetration that breaches only one side of a fire resistance rated wall assembly. The proposed alternative to Figure 3 should accomplish that goal, with the exit of the item near the top of the assembly not having a significant impact on the fire resistance of the membrane penetration under examination which is down lower. Part II dd new Comment immediately after Note 5, as follows. Comment: The conditioning requirements are identical to the conditioning requirements and allowances in test method E119, with only one difference. Whereas the conditioning section of test method E119 (article 12.1.1) states that an assembly must be conditioned for at least as long as it takes for it to attain its full design strength, article 8.1 of E814 does not include that requirement. Since E814 does not require any simulated structural loads to be imposed on a wall or floor assembly, other than its own dead weight, there is no value in delaying testing until the penetrated wall or floor attains its full design strength. However, 9.1 would require that the strength attained be at least equal to the strength needed to retain in position the firestopping materials.


    Fire testing--building materials; Hose stream test; Structural building materials/applications; Through-penetration fire stops ;
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    John Valiulis


    E05 (11-01)

    Ballot Item Approved as E814-2011a and Pending Publication