ASTM WK30691

    Revision of D3147 - 06 Standard Test Method for Testing Stop-Leak Additives for Engine Coolants

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    Active Standard: D3147 - 06(2013)

    Developed by Subcommittee: D15.09 | Committee D15 | Contact Staff Manager


    1. Rationale

    Suzanne Zefferi, Product Development Manager for CRC Industries, Inc. pointed out shortcomings in the current document. Currently, the test method for Testing Stop Leak Additives requires that there be a pan for collection of coolant during operation. The volume of lost test solution is recorded in section However no maximum loss of fluid is defined as the bases for changing plates. Definitions in the test method are defined as working volume and majority of the working volume. I think these definitions leave too much subjectivity in the hands of the person doing the testing. In reality if a vehicle lost 50% or more of the coolant during an attempt to fix a leak, the vehicle would overheat and there could be the possibility of causing greater damage to the cooling system. I think the test method should define a percentage of total fluid loss that acceptable for testing to proceed. Once a defined amount of fluid is lost (50% of total or greater) the method should require that the slot or hole plate be reduced and testing resume with the smaller plate(s).


    engine coolants; stop-leak additives;
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