ASTM WK28765

    Revision of B32 - 08 Standard Specification for Solder Metal

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    Active Standard: B32 - 08(2014)

    Developed by Subcommittee: B02.02 | Committee B02 | Contact Staff Manager


    1. Rationale

    To update the B32 standard to the latest state of the art. This standard covers solder metal alloys (commonly known as soft solders) used in non-electronic applications.


    bar; flux; flux cored solder; ingot; leadsilver alloys; leadtin alloys; leadtinsilver alloys; powder; ribbon; solder alloy; solder metal; solder uses; tinantimony alloys; tincopper alloys; tinsilver alloys; wire; Lead metals/alloys--specifications; Lead-tin alloys/coatings--specifications; Powder metallurgy--specifications; Solder/soldering applications--specifications; Core solder; Flux cored solder; Ingots; Lead-silver alloys; Lead-tin-silver alloys; Tin-antimony alloys; Tin-copper alloys; Tin-silver alloys;
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    Matthew Pratt

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