ASTM WK28053

    Revision of E1633 - 08a Standard Specification for Coded Values Used in the Electronic Health Record

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    Active Standard: E1633 - 08A(2013)e1

    Developed by Subcommittee: E31.25 | Committee E31 | Contact Staff Manager


    1. Rationale

    This standard is in continual revision in order to document value sets for the EHR attributes noted in E-1384. Revisions are scheduled as work on appropriate value sets for specific attributes is identified. Appropriate ballot versions of the standard will be submitted on relevant dates coordinted across SDOs..


    Admissions; Automated primary record of care; Bed control; Clinical codes/signs; Coded values; Communications (medical applications); Computerized clinical laboratory systems; Computerized systems--specifications; Diagnosis; Digital transmission; Discharge data; Electronic health record (EHR); Emergency medical services (EMS)--specifications; Ethnicity; Healthcare documentation/delivery/training--specifications; Inpatient health care; Lexicons; Medical materials/applications--specifications; Nationality/country of origin; Patient biographical/medical data--specifications; Pharmaceutical industry--computer systems; Physicians; Records management; Religious classification; Remote laboratories; Structure (computer applications); Transfer (of data)--specifications; Transmission; Two-way digital transmission;
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