ASTM WK27452

    New Practice for Reporting Results of Weathering Tests and Coatings Defects on Paints

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    1. Scope

    Scope 1.1 This standard describes a suitable template for reporting the results of weathering tests or coatings defects on paint. The report may also be used when reporting degradation on large structures. 1.2 The report form shown in the standard is primarily intended for the reporting of defects that are produced on painted metal and wood substrates as a result of outdoor weathering exposure. The report may also be used for the reporting of paint on any other type of substrate, such as plastic or composites. 1.3 This report form may also be used to report degradation effects after accelerated exposure, provided that the information entered into the header is adjusted to match the exposure. 1.4 This standard describes the ten to zero scale for evaluations as described in the D01 Handbook. The standard eleven point scale has been widely used for many years to report quantitative and qualitative effects that are determined subjectively. 1.5 Instrumentally obtained numbers may also be reported on this form. For example instrumental gloss measurements of paint films can be entered in any of the columns as desired. 1.6 This standard may be applied both by individuals conducting their own evaluations, and by third party testing laboratories. 1.7 The report form shown in Figure 1 is only an example of how these criteria may be collated onto a single report page. Other formats, which include these factors, would also be acceptable. Other items may also be reported over and above these requirements. 1.8 Laboratories that comply with the requirements of this document may generate their own reports using their own software programs and including their own company logos.

    The standard will provide a single reference for all exposure test methods to use in the reporting section. We can have a uniform procedure for reporting the results of weathering tests. Users will be those labs and agencies that perform weathering tests, and the benefits will be for the recipients of those reports. This standard will also list the accepted 10 to zero rating scale that is used in many ASTM standards and which is not in any other standard.


    Report, Rating Scales, Defects, Coatings

    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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