ASTM WK27197

    Revision of F2132 - 01(2008)e1 Standard Specification for Puncture Resistance of Materials Used in Containers for Discarded Medical Needles and Other Sharps

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    Active Standard: F2132 - 01(2008)e1

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    1. Rationale

    This is the second edition of F2132. It supersedes F2132-08, Standard for Specification of Materials Used in Containers for Discarded Medical Needles and Other Sharps, published in 2001 and re-approved in 2008. Since publication of the 2001 edition, there has been a significant increase in user needs for safe handling of sharps as well as an increased use of reusable sharps containers in health care facilities. This specification was determined by the generous contributions of time of a comprehensive task group of users, producers, regulators, researchers and general interest members. This edition, like the previous, encompasses both single-use and reusable containers, and provides enhanced safety requirements through the following changes: (a) The definitions have been expanded. (b) The reference publications have been updated. (c) Lifespan simulations for reusable sharps containers have been added. (d) The puncture resistance force has been increased. (e) The following design requirements have been added: Materials of construction Aperture and closure features Handle positioning Absence of needle unwinder hole Passive overfill and hand-entry protection Fill capacity and indicator (f) The following performance tests have been added: Handle integrity Leak resistance Topple resistance Impact resistance Counterbalanced Door Sensitivity (g) Labelling, marking, and manufacturers requirements have been added.


    material puncture resistance; needle disposal; puncture resistance; puncture-resistance testing; safety devices; sharps container; sharps disposal; Containers--environmental applications; Discarded medical instruments/supplies; Needles; Puncture testing; Sharps disposal; Surgical instruments--specifications;
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