ASTM WK27028

    New Test Methods for Evaluating Travel Time Data Quality

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    1. Scope

    This standard will define procedures to evaluate the quality of real-time travel time data according to several attributes, the most important being accuracy. Other quality attributes that may be considered in the standard procedures are availability, timeliness, coverage, validity, and accessibility. The standard test methods will produce evaluation results that are consistent and will allow for fair comparisons between travel time data providers.

    There is a significant and growing need for travel time data. Transportation agencies need travel time data to support system operations and performance measurement. Information service providers need travel time data to provide a more competitive product. Given this need, numerous methods and technologies have been developed to estimate travel times. In some cases, these methods allow for in-house deployment of sensors and computing/communication infrastructure to allow an agency/company to produce the data that they will utilize. In other cases, companies have been founded that derive travel times from various sources (in some circumstances, the companys own sensor network, or from purchased probe location information) to produce a product - a travel time data service - that is then marketed to transportation agencies and information service providers. Given this variety of approaches, and based on recent experience, it is clear that each source of travel time data offers distinct advantages and disadvantages. It is highly unlikely that a single source of data will emerge as a clear winner that dominates all other approaches. Because of this, consumers of travel time data (transportation agencies and information service providers) are faced with a need to choose one or more travel time data services to best meet their needs. To do so effectively, there is a need for a standard test procedure to use in assessing the quality of different travel time data services. This standard test procedure will create a level playing field that will allow consumers to comprehensively and fairly consider all travel time service options.


    travel time; data quality; evaluation; accuracy; real-time traveler information

    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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