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    New Terminology for Lattice Structures

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    At the ASTM meeting in November the Design Sub-committee wanted to roll lattice structure specifications into general design due to a lack of interest specific for lattice structure. Shane Collins asked that lattice structure continue to be a separate category at least until the next F42 meeting. The purpose of this work item is to find out if there is sufficient interest in lattice structure to support specific efforts outside the general design sub-committee. I suspect that standards for parts produced with reticulated geometry will take many years. However, it is not too early to propose and determine the terminology used to describe the structures.

    Parts containing a core of retuculated geometry have been shown to have many advantages over solid core parts, including graded stiffness increased tensile strength and reduced mass. Additionally, surface preparations of reticulated geometry have significant increases in surface area for engineered applications e.g. bonding surfaces and bone in-growth. The use of reticulated geometry construction could have profound effects for medical, aerospace, automotive, military, and consumer product applications.


    reticulated geometry:lattice structures:additive manufacturing:cell size:strut:

    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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