ASTM WK25846

    New Guide for Forensic Evaluation of HMA Pavements

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    1. Scope

    To provide a guide document that will give details regarding how to conduct a forensic evaluation of HMA pavement. This standard will indentify the various steps that should be considered when performing a forensic evaluation and produce a framework of test procedures and recommendations for evaluating the data.

    The need for these evaluations typically occurs in early pavement life when deficiencies occur (early life failure or signs of distress) or contractual disputes arise. However, this could also be used to evaluate an older pavement that has performed exceptionally well. The evaluations can be very wide ranging and may include sampling and testing of pavement layers down to the subgrade, non-destructive testing (FWD, GPR, etc) of the in-situ pavement, a review of construction records and contract documents, determining physical properties of asphalt materials, assessment of volumetrics and constituent materials.


    asphalt materials, forsensic evaluation

    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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