ASTM WK24567

    New Guide for Evaluation of Silicate-Based Liquid Floor Treatments for Use on Concrete

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    1. Scope

    Development of a guide to help evaluate the performance charecteristics of these products. No curing properties are implied for materials evaluated in this guide. Thes products are concrete surface treatments, not membrane forming compounds as specified by ASTM C-309. Measurement of the enhancement of concrete surface properties for Abrasion, hardness, chemical resistance, permeability, absorptivity, skid resistance. Evaluation of the product(s) is on a comparative basis (treated vs untreated) for all test methods in this guide. No pass/fail criteria have been established.

    No standard currently exists relative to testing/qualifying these products. This will be used by product manufacturers and engineering firms in specifying products.


    Sodium Silicate; Alkali Silicate; Hardeners; Densifiers; :Potassium Silicate; Lithium Silicates

    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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    Stanley Stratton

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