ASTM WK24127

    New Guide for Fluid Transfer/Containment Components and Systems for use in Remote handled areas

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    1. Scope

    The intent of this standard is to provide general guidelines for the selection and operation of fluid transfer and containment components and systems for use in Remote handled area environments. The terms fluid transfer and containment used herein, encompasses components and systems used for containing and/or transporting fluids in the environments described.

    This standard is intended to be applicable to equipment used under one or more of the following conditions: The materials handled or processed constitute a significant radiation hazard to man or to the environment. The equipment can neither be accessed directly for purposes of operation or maintenance, nor can the equipment be viewed directly, for example, without radiation shielding windows, periscopes, or a video monitoring system.


    pumps; cylinders; valves; seals; packing; tubing; hose; fittings; connectors; quick connects; sanitary flanges; sealing plates; ejectors; mixers

    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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