ASTM WK23265

    New Specification for Analytical Information Markup Language

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    1. Scope

    Standards for the Analytical Information Markup Language (AnIML). This is a continuation of WK 6371. AnIML provides organizational structure for result data and metadata resulting from analytical chemistry measurements as well as tags for data items that permit the context of data items to be captured in a computer file. This allows for facile instrument-to-instrument, instrument-to-application, and application-to-application data interchange. It also allows for archiving analytical data and metadata in an open, platform-independent, operating-system-independent and sustainable format.

    AnIML is needed by all users of analytical data for data interchange and archiving. Current, procedures, and standards do not address modern requirements for a containerized samples (microtiter plates and microarrays), hyphenated (multi-detector) analytical techniques, and multi-sequence analytical procedures


    data interchange; data archiving; markup language; XML; AnIML

    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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