ASTM WK22482

    New Terminology for Clinical Care Classification

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    1. Scope

    Information technology with the health information exchange has become a significant force within healthcare. Recently, government and healthcare providers have begun to recognize the tremendous value and importance of advancing the use of healthcare information systems. Without question, the issues of quality and the appropriate cost-effective use of resources has become a focus of concern for consumers, politicians, and healthcare providers alike. Therefore, there is now an immediate need to connect nursing health professionals with electronic nursing terminology which is one of the largest inpatient documentation data gaps. If nursing terminology diagnoses noted in the patients assessment are not recorded as part of a healthcare information system, patient care deficits may go undocumented for a longer period of time and present a significant barrier to healthcare quality outcomes and potentially obstruct the patients continuity of care. With the introduction of electronic health record systems (EHR) all healthcare organizations must have the ability to collect nursing terminology data with documentation specificity to support healthcare quality and outcome management data.


    continuity of care; CCR

    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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