ASTM WK21178

    Revision of E1715 - 01 Standard Practice for An Object-Oriented Model for Registration, Admitting, Discharge, and Transfer (RADT) Functions in Computer-Based Patient Record Systems

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    Active Standard: E1715 - 01(2013)

    Developed by Subcommittee: E31.25 | Committee E31 | Contact Staff Manager


    1. Rationale

    E-1715 has been recently Reapproved but needs some updating that is both editorial for the textual portions but may need changes to the tables of Objects and Attributes in order to be more consistent with potential harmonization via ASTM E-31 collaboration with the ANSI HITSP Harmonization Committee and with the ADA SCDI SDO with whom E-31 has collaborated in the past on the EHR and which is a HITSP member. Since RADT is a key component of the EHR and the full Health Information Domain, the ability of the EHR to be interoperable will depend upon having fully common conventions for this foundationstone module. This revision will attempt to make this standard as compatible as possible during this iteration.


    electronic health record (EHR); object modeling; registration, admitting, discharge, and transfer (RADT) ; reservation;
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    Arden Forrey

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