ASTM WK17254

    New Test Method for Test Method for Particulate Emissions generated during the act of emptying the Dirt Container or removing the Dust Bag

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    1. Scope

    “To develop a test method to measure the particulate emissions generated during the process of emptying the Vacuum Cleaner dirt container or removing and changing the dust bag with due consideration to the activities of other ASTM committees.”

    : During the course of the last 10-15 years the there has developed a significant concern with particulate matter as may be emitted during the practice of utilizing a vacuum cleaner. With the approval and issuance of the latest Draft Standard for “Determining the Change in Room Air Particulate Counts as a result of the Vacuum Cleaning Process” we now have a means to measure the primary portion of the Vacuum Cleaning Cycle. However, this protocol does not address the final phase of that cycle, the emptying of the dirt container or the removal and disposable of the primary dust bag whichever the case may be. There can be no question that this portion of the practice, dependent on a number of factors is susceptible to significant differences in particulate emission levels. Therefore a standard means of measuring this portion of the vacuum cleaner cycle is merited and will be of benefit to the industry and the vacuum cleaner users. The standard would be utilized in the marketplace as a basis for and verification of product claims and better manufacturer’s instructions for vacuum cleaner receptacle, bag, and filter handling. It would provide a basis for quality control and assurance as well as product improvements. The standards would be used by Vacuum Cleaner manufacturers, Dust Bag and Dirt Container Component manufacturers, testing laboratories and other certifying bodies and Retail sellers of Vacuum Cleaners.


    Dirtcup; dustbin; dust; replacement, maintenance; filtration; IAQ; air quality

    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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