ASTM WK13208

    New New Cycling Temperature Oxidation Stability of Gas Turbine Oils

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    1. Scope

    TG mission is to develop a new test(s) to assess the oxidation stability of GpII/III turbine oils under conditions that reflect current gas turbine operations. Temperature cycling to reflect the on-off conditions of gas turbines in cyclic or peak service should also be factored into the test development plan. Build upon the widely available D943/D4310 test apparatus, if possible. The new test(s) should consider multiple lube parameters to assess the degree of degradation and be completed in a relatively short period. Key focus: deposit formation tendency \tAdditionally an attempt will be made to characterize deposits formed in the new test (s) to verify similarity with deposits observed in actual gas turbines.

    Need identified as outcome of ASTM Internation Symposium on Oxidation and Testing of Turbine Oils held in December 2005 Priciple performance problem with turbine oils used in gas turbines operating in cyclic or peak service is formation of insoluble oxidation by-products under cycling temperature conditions.


    turbine oil, oxidation, oxidation stability, sludge, varnish, gas turbine oils, cyclic operation, peak service, cycling temperature

    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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