Committee S03 on Committee on Publications

    Staff Secretary: Kathy Dernoga 610-832-9617

    A. The Standing Committee on Publications (hereinafter designated as the Committee) advises the Board of Directors (hereinafter designated as the Board) of ASTM International (hereinafter designated as the Society) for the formulation of publication policy. The Committee is responsible for the publication program of the Society, except acceptance for publication of ASTM Standards.
    B. The Committee administers the Society publication program and may, with the concurrence of the Board, initiate, continue, expand, or terminate periodicals, journals, series, or other continuing publications with the exception of the Annual Book of ASTM Standards.
    C. The Committee's policies govern the publication of Special Technical Publications, Data Series, Manuals, Monographs, Software Programs, Book of Standards, and related publications, and other established book series. The committee develops criteria for the acceptance of material to be published except for the jurisdiction of the Committee. The Committee also recommends new content for books and those individuals who can act as author/editors of such books.
    D. The Committee's policies govern the operation of periodicals. The committee develops criteria for periodicals, recommend new periodicals, establishes objectives for periodicals and recommends termination of periodicals.
    E. The Committee monitors information technology and recommends implementation of such technology into production and presentation of ASTM publications in traditional and electronic formats.

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