US TAG to ISO/TC 121 Anaesthetic and Respiratory Equipment

    TAG Administrator: Stephen Mawn 610-832-9726

    ASTM Committee F29 on Anesthetic and Respiratory Equipment was formed in 1983. F29 meets twice each year, in May and December, with approximately 35 members attending five days of technical meetings capped by presentations from industry, association or government representatives and a plenary session which formulates the U.S. technical advisory group's position for ISO/Technical Committee 121 on Anesthetic and Respiratory Equipment. The Committee has approximately 80 members and has recently transitioned to a new business model, which was developed to respond to the stakeholders' focus on a single deliverable. While the committee continues to use ASTM's balanced and open forum and administrative resources, its target deliverables are non-ASTM products. This includes the use of the ASTM F29 forum for the formulation of U.S. national positions, the development of ISO/IEC draft documents, and the "American National Standard" (ANS) adoption of ISO/IEC standards.