Subcommittee F29.14 on Ventilators

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    F1246-91(2005) Standard Specification for Electrically Powered Home Care Ventilators, Part 1-Positive-Pressure Ventilators and Ventilator Circuits

        See also WK43880 proposed withdrawal

    F1464-93(2005) Standard Specification for Oxygen Concentrators for Domiciliary Use

        See also WK43881 proposed withdrawal

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    F920-93(1999) Standard Specification for Minimum Performance and Safety Requirements for Resuscitators Intended for Use With Humans (Withdrawn 2007)

    F1100-90(1997) Standard Specification for Ventilators Intended for Use in Critical Care (Withdrawn 2004)

    F1690-96(2004) Standard Specification for Humidifiers for Medical Use—Part 1: General Requirements for Active Humidification Systems (Withdrawn 2013)