Subcommittee F01.15 on Compound Semiconductors

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    F76-08 Standard Test Methods for Measuring Resistivity and Hall Coefficient and Determining Hall Mobility in Single-Crystal Semiconductors

        See also WK33856 proposed revision

    F1404-92(2007) Test Method for Crystallographic Perfection of Gallium Arsenide by Molten Potassium Hydroxide (KOH) Etch Technique

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    F358-83(2002) Standard Test Method for Wavelength of Peak Photoluminescence and the Corresponding Composition of Gallium Arsenide Phosphide Wafers (Withdrawn 2008)

    F418-77(2002) Standard Practice for Preparation of Samples of the Constant Composition Region of Epitaxial Gallium Arsenide Phosphide for Hall Effect Measurements (Withdrawn 2008)

    F1212-89(2002) Standard Test Method for Thermal Stability Testing of Gallium Arsenide Wafers (Withdrawn 2008)

    F2358-04 Standard Guide for Measuring Characteristics of Sapphire Substrates