Subcommittee F01.11 on Nuclear and Space Radiation Effects

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    F448-11 Test Method for Measuring Steady-State Primary Photocurrent

    F615M-95(2013) Standard Practice for Determining Safe Current Pulse-Operating Regions for Metallization on Semiconductor Components (Metric)

    F744M-10 Standard Test Method for Measuring Dose Rate Threshold for Upset of Digital Integrated Circuits [Metric]

    F773M-10 Practice for Measuring Dose Rate Response of Linear Integrated Circuits [Metric]

    F980-10e1 Standard Guide for Measurement of Rapid Annealing of Neutron-Induced Displacement Damage in Silicon Semiconductor Devices

    F996-11 Standard Test Method for Separating an Ionizing Radiation-Induced MOSFET Threshold Voltage Shift Into Components Due to Oxide Trapped Holes and Interface States Using the Subthreshold Current-Voltage Characteristics

    F1190-11 Standard Guide for Neutron Irradiation of Unbiased Electronic Components

    F1192-11 Standard Guide for the Measurement of Single Event Phenomena (SEP) Induced by Heavy Ion Irradiation of Semiconductor Devices

    F1262M-14 Standard Guide for Transient Radiation Upset Threshold Testing of Digital Integrated Circuits (Metric)

    F1263-11 Standard Guide for Analysis of Overtest Data in Radiation Testing of Electronic Parts

    F1467-11 Standard Guide for Use of an X-Ray Tester (≈10 keV Photons) in Ionizing Radiation Effects Testing of Semiconductor Devices and Microcircuits

    F1892-12 Standard Guide for Ionizing Radiation (Total Dose) Effects Testing of Semiconductor Devices

    F1893-11 Guide for Measurement of Ionizing Dose-Rate Survivability and Burnout of Semiconductor Devices

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