Subcommittee F01.07 on Wire Bonding, Flip Chip, and Tape Automated Bonding

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    F72-06 Standard Specification for Gold Wire for Semiconductor Lead Bonding

    F458-13 Standard Practice for Nondestructive Pull Testing of Wire Bonds1,2

    F459-13 Standard Test Methods for Measuring Pull Strength of Microelectronic Wire Bonds

    F487-13 Standard Specification for Fine Aluminum–1 % Silicon Wire for Semiconductor Lead-Bonding

    F584-06e1 Standard Practice for Visual Inspection of Semiconductor Lead-Bonding Wire

    F1269-13 Standard Test Methods for Destructive Shear Testing of Ball Bonds

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    F637-85(2001) Standard Specification for Format, Physical Properties, and Test Methods for 19 and 35 mm Testable Tape Carrier for Perimeter Tape Carrier-Bonded Semiconductor Devices (Withdrawn 2006)

    F638-88(2001) Standard Specification for Fine Aluminum-1% Magnesium Wire for Semiconductor Lead-Bonding (Withdrawn 2006)

    F1211-89(2001) Standard Specification for Semiconductor Device Passivation Opening Layouts (Withdrawn 2007)