Subcommittee E31.15 on Healthcare Information Capture and Documentation

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    E1959-05(2011) Standard Guide for Requests for Proposals Regarding Medical Transcription Services for Healthcare Institutions

    E2117-06(2011) Standard Guide for Identification and Establishment of a Quality Assurance Program for Medical Transcription

    E2344-04(2011) Standard Guide for Data Capture through the Dictation Process

        See also WK24979 proposed revision

    E2364-04(2010) Standard Guide to Speech Recognition Technology Products in Health Care

        See also WK24978 proposed revision

    E2502-06(2011) Standard Guide for Medical Transcription Workstations

    E2682-09(2014) Standard Guide for Developing a Disaster Recovery Plan for Medical Transcription Departments and Businesses

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    E1902-02 Standard Specification for Management of the Confidentiality and Security of Dictation, Transcription, and Transcribed Health Records (Withdrawn 2011)

    E2184-02 Standard Specification for Healthcare Document Formats (Withdrawn 2011)

    E2185-01 Standard Specification for Transferring Digital Voice Data Between Independent Digital Dictation Systems and Workstations (Withdrawn 2010)