Subcommittee C12.02 on Research and Methods of Test

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    C780-14a Standard Test Method for Preconstruction and Construction Evaluation of Mortars for Plain and Reinforced Unit Masonry

        See also WK11678 proposed revision

        See also WK42458 proposed revision

        See also WK43087 proposed revision

        See also WK46982 proposed revision

    C1019-13 Standard Test Method for Sampling and Testing Grout

        See also WK24941 proposed revision

    C1148-92a(2008) Standard Test Method for Measuring the Drying Shrinkage of Masonry Mortar

    C1324-10 Standard Test Method for Examination and Analysis of Hardened Masonry Mortar

        See also WK38066 proposed revision

    C1403-13 Standard Test Method for Rate of Water Absorption of Masonry Mortars

        See also WK36170 proposed revision

        See also WK47029 proposed revision

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