Committee E15 on Industrial and Specialty Chemicals

    Staff Manager: Ashley Wiand 610-832-9551

    Committee Scope

    * To develop or formulate methods for the analysis and testing of industrial and specially chemicals;
    * To develop standard specifications for chemicals when such activity does not infringe upon the jurisdiction of another committee of the Society;
    * In cooperation with other Committees of the Society and of other societies to develop, coordinate and reconcile chemical analytical methods for nonmetallic materials and chemicals that are broadly applicable;
    * To encourage the use of uniform methods of analysis;
    * To formulate standards for terminology and methods of sampling pertaining to the analysis and testing of industrial and specialty chemicals;
    * To establish precision and bias of standard analytical and test methods for industrial and specialty chemicals;
    * To encourage the establishment of new product committees in the field of industrial and specialty chemicals when needs become evident.