Request to Initiate a New ASTM International Product Certification Program

    A request for a program can come from ASTM technical committees or directly from industry usually manufacturers, purchasers, or government.

    ASTM will not be developing certification programs for an individual organization but will be developing industry wide certification programs.

    ASTM, with input from the appropriate ASTM technical committee and key stakeholders, will determine whether there is sufficient need, support and commitment of participation from industry to initiate a new program.

    Name of Requestor: 


    Phone#:   Email: 

    List products (material, product, system, service) for which a certification program is requested

    List ASTM standard(s) and if appropriate specific sections

    List Related ASTM technical committee

    Rationale for establishing this certification program

    Anticipated benefits to an organization achieving certification status

    Key stakeholders who will support/participate in the program (please include names and contact information if known)