Product Certification Programs

    Product CERTIFICATION Programs
    The ASTM Product Certification Program is a voluntary program sponsored by ASTM International. A product certified through the Program is tested, at the direction of ASTM, by a third-party laboratory to determine the product's ability to conform to one or more standards.

    Any corporate entity, domestic or international, that is a manufacturer, distributor, or private brand marketer of a product that falls within the scope of an ASTM certification program is eligible to have its product(s) apply for ASTM certification.

    Benefits of ASTM Product Certification

    The ASTM Product Certification Program is beneficial to manufacturers, the industry as a whole, and its consumers, because it:

    • increases consumer confidence through independent testing that verifies that the product tested meets the parameters covered by the certification program
    • provides a level playing field for manufacturers as competing products are tested and rated to the same standard;
    • addresses regulatory pressure;
    • includes listing in the ASTM Directory of Certified Products

    Product Certification Documents

    The ASTM Product Certification Program is governed by the General Operations Manual for ASTM Product Certification Programs

    Initiation of a Program

    Requests for a program can come from ASTM technical committees or directly from industry usually manufacturers, purchasers, or government.

    ASTM, with input from the appropriate ASTM technical committee and key stakeholders, will determine whether there is sufficient interest from industry to initiate a new program.

    If you feel your industry would benefit from and support the establishment of a certification program please complete the request form.

    ASTM Contact: Nicholas Matarangas
    phone: (610) 832-9765